Our technical know-how in power plant construction works grounds back in 1970s with OZG founders’ active role in construction of large-scale power plants in Turkey; and over the years, our people’s experience and capabilities have accumulated and ensured the firm establishment of OZG. During the past decades, OZG has been one of Turkey’s leading companies in the construction of energy power plants, by means of successfully undertaking major projects as such; 919 MW Bandırma Combined Cycle Power Plant, 775 MW Denizli Combined Cycle Power Plant, 450 MW Tufanbeyli Thermal Power Plant. With our profound engineering experience in power plant construction works; offering fully integrated engineering, procurement, construction services related with energy power plant projects is the activity and expertise domain of OZG.Tufanbeyli Thermal Power PlantBandırma Combined Cycle Power PlantDenizli Combined Cycle Power Plant


OZG has been one of the first examples of its own activity domain in the private sector of Turkey with its power plant investments carried out under the roof of the affiliated company Ener Power. Within the framework of the contract signed with EÜAŞ in 1997, Ener Power constructed 24 MW Van I Diesel Power Plant and 24 MW Van II Diesel Power Plant and operated these plants during 8 years without any interruption. OZG, together with its partner BOREAS, realized its first renewable power project investment 21,6 MW BOREAS I Enez Wind Power Plant, which is foreseen to produce 80 million kWh power per year and it began to operate the said plant as of the first quarter of 2010.

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OZG stepped in the automotive sector with ERGENE Vehicle Inspection Stations Operation Inc. of which it became a partner in 2008. ERGENE carries out periodic vehicle inspection activities in accordance with the standards established by the Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Transport through its five stations namely Kırklareli - Merkez and Lüleburgaz in Kırklareli; Edirne - Merkez, Keşan and Uzunköprü stations in Edirne.


OZG’s investments in agriculture were commenced in 2010 upon foundation of ENTA, which is a subsidiary of OZG in the field of agriculture. ENTA carries out Ziraat 0900 variety cherry growing and Etrusca, Santa Maria and Bahribey variety pear growing activities in its fields in Enez district of Edirne. All orchards of ENTA are provided with efficient traceability and control systems, and it is ensured that products in compliance with world health codices are grown with modern practices.

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